Tiverton Town Band still exists!

UPDATE  28/04/21

                    We are planning on meeting together again, although socially distanced on 17th May 2021.

                    We would welcome any new players, especially cornets or percussion. All we ask is that you                              contact us first to check our latest government status. Contact us on 07765860782 for up to 

                    date information.



UPDATE  ;;;  We are now back in lock-down and therefore are not allowed to rehearse or perform together.

The last time was our online carol servie from St Pauls Church at christmas. We hope that one day we can get back to entertaining our audiences.


UPDATE   ;;;  We are now able to get together socially distanced. We hope to see you out and about in the run up to Christmas



We have kept a somewhat enforced low profile recently due to the Covid-19 pandemic but rest assured we are raring to get going again when conditions and regulations allow. We are stringently following advice from BBE (Brass Bands England) and the government and have not met in person to play together, like so many organisations, since March. Current advice from BBE is that brass bands should not meet to rehearse as brass instruments would appear to disperse moisture droplets extremely efficiently and over a wide area. However, much research is being carried out in this area and we await the results with enthusiasm and baited breath.

All our summer engagements, which of course we love performing at, were necessarily cancelled or at best postponed according to the lockdown rules. There is something undeniably British about the sound of a Brass Band at a village fete, bandstand or parade and we long to return to that and bring that atmosphere back for our audiences. In addition to performing we will also look at bringing back our very popular monthly car boot sale at Tiverton Rugby Club – watch this space!

We were supposed to participate at the West of England Brass Band Contest in March but with just a week to go decided as a band that it was not a good idea to potentially expose members to the possibility of contracting or passing on the disease. Although we had prepared hard for the contest it was undoubtedly the correct decision.


Although we have not been able to meet in person we have held weekly Zoom social sessions for the band at which we have kept in touch with each other as well as having fun quizzes and bingo. The committee have also been very busy meeting regularly to discuss and plan how the band can move forward and develop post Covid. Exciting times ahead!

For businesses around the area there is also the chance to join us in a mutually beneficial partnership as one of our band sponsors. If you would like more information about the various possibilities of sponsorship please contact

If you are looking to start and develop a new skill for life as a brass player we are always keen to welcome new members to the training band or players with previous experience to the senior band. For full details please visit our website or email the bandmaster at


Keep Calm, Keep Playing and Stay Safe!


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